The Early Learner Curriculum

At 2 years of age, your child is in the crucial time of moving from the Sensorimotor stage to the Preoperational Stage according to Piaget. This stage is characterized by egocentrism and symbolic thinking. To cater this while guiding them to learning, we opt to place your child in activities involving both individual learning and group cooperation tasks (to enhance response with others). Moreover, it is the best time to:

  • Encourage child to take on a character (dressing up)
  • Hands on activities (to cater thinking in concrete operation)
  • Puzzles and word forming (building up cognitive skills)
  • Assume roles (assuming character, simulate the experiences observed in real life)
  • Move towards the concept of conservation (i.e. Use clay molds, water, playdoh)

The main points of the curriculum include:

  • Child-Centered Unit Plans
  • Developmentally-Appropriate Activities
  • Adaptive Learning
  • Experiential/Creative Learning

The parents are duly required to prepare and provide:

  • Diapers or Pull-ups, wipes, ointments
  • Extra changes of clothes including 2 pairs of underwear during potty training process
  • Blanket

The Classroom

Our classroom environments are surely child-friendly. With different stimulating colors, shapes, and learning corners, your child will have a busy time with fun and learning combined.

Learning With Nature

Let nature be your child’s very own laboratory of life. Through a hands-on approach with nature, the child gradually learns the values of responsibility, respect, and nature-appreciation. Our fun-filled outdoor activities will substantially make your child form a positive concept of school. Our playgrounds are clean, and filled with play features that let every child make the best of his/her childhood.

Heredity and Environment play a vital role in your child’s development. Let us make the best out of your child and develop them to their full potential. Discover talents today and let them be the pioneers of tomorrow.


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