The human mind is rapidly growing at this critical stage of life. Clearly understanding this, we gear our directives to par with every curious mind in the academy. In preparation for the bigger preschool ahead, your child will be exposed to varying activities on colors, shapes, classification, visual discrimination, sequencing, lines, art activities, music, movement, and more. Although we do not potty train directly, we do assist in this process.

Eager to learn

Definitely! Because of their rapid brain development, curiosity is just one typical trait of a preschool child. This is a positive detail to consider. The job for teachers is to supply them with interesting activities that would continually suffice their curious minds.

Wide Social Exposure

At preschool age, children are more capable of working tasks on an individual, small, or large group basis. Critical to enhancing relationship with others, activities are varied to cater the needs for these activities. In a daily learning session, the children are continually directed to respond, converse, talk, play, and build friendship with others. With the barrier of egocentrism, this is a challenge that is critical for both actuality and character development.

Developing Language and Communication

They are mimical creatures. They tend to make models out of an authority. Considering this, it is the parents’ and the teachers’ roles to be good standards and uphold the values for their learning and development.

Activity Lessons

Preschoolers are ready for activities! Because they are eager to learn new concepts, they would be ready for any stimulating and fun learning experiences.

The Classroom

They tend to be attracted to a good classroom venue, with differing shapes and colors. Every classroom in the academy is clean and spacious with the right features to cater every activity.


This age is characterized by having struggle to be considerate with others. Most of the time, it is referred to as the “I, myself, and me” attitude. They like to be the center of attention, and they want particular things only for their own and oftentimes don’t like to share.

Home-Like Involvement

They enjoy an environment that is homelike in approach.

Imaginative Play

Children of preschool age should be made to engage learning through objects that stimulate thinking like forming words or building puzzles.

Table Works

Tables and chairs are subjects of interest. They like working in stations.

The Creative Play

Music and Dancing, Artworks and Concrete Plays, these are the center of their creative game.


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