What are we doing to prevent the spread?


Every morning, our students and staff are assessed to determine that they are free from symptoms of COVID-19, other contagious illnesses in order for them to be on site.

Frequent – Hand-Washing

All students and staff entering the building must wash hands after their daily health check is conducted. Throughout the day, every child washes their hands between every activity.

Doctor’s Notes

Any Child or staff who has a fever in addition to symptoms of a respiratory infection may not return to our program until they are symptom-free for at least 72 hours or have a doctor’s note clearing them to return

Individual Toy Bins

Each child is issued their own container of toys to play with each day.  Although it breaks our heart, we are discouraging sharing smaller toys at this time to reduce the risk of passing germs from one child to another.  Each day, these toys are cleaned and cycled out so the child has a variety of new toys the next day.

Temporary Closure

If we are notified that there has been a confirmed case of a child or staff member testing positive for COVID-19, who has been on-site within the previous seven days, we will close for three days to clean and inform anyone they have come into close contact with that they should get tested and self-quarantined.

Temperature Screens

Temperature readings are a part of the daily health check for students and staff upon entry.  Any person with a temperature of 100.0ºF or higher is not permitted to enter the building.  Temperature of everyone on site is checked twice each day – once upon arrival and once at noon.

Face Coverings

In compliance with the NYS Executive Order, we have provided all staff with face coverings that are worn while in direct contact with children and other team members throughout the day.  Parents can choose to send their child with a mask if the child is 2 years of age and older and free from respiratory issues. 

Cleaning and Sanitizing

As a licensed childcare program, we are always required to have a system in place to keep our program clean. In these times, we have gone above and beyond with our practices.  We clean our toys daily and are stocked up with EPA-registered disinfectants.

Personal Protective Equipment

We have stocked up on enough personal protective equipment for our staff to use daily.  This equipment includes: masks and gloves.  We also have extra masks to provide to children that are 2 years of age or older with no respiratory issues to wear while they wait to be picked up if they become ill while in our care.

Symptoms and Isolation

If a child should become ill and demonstrate symptoms of COVID-19 while in our care, the child’s parents will be contacted to pick him/her up immediately.  They will be separated from the rest of the children and supervised by a staff member independently until he/she is picked up.

Designated Areas

All children and teachers have assigned classrooms where they stay throughout the day.  To avoid the possible spread of COVID-19, children are not moved throughout multiple classrooms as they normally would be on certain occasions.  Aside from outdoor play time, everyone stays put in in their designated classroom area.

Drop off and Pick up

Families will limit drop-off/pick-up parent/guardian to 1 person at a time per family. Families are not permitted to enter our facility.  A team member meets families at our front door to conduct a health check for each child and brings each child to their classroom.

Limited Group Sizes

In accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we have limited our classroom groups to fifteen or fewer children at this time.


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